Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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L'Innominabile è sceso a Lanciano, città del Miracolo Eucaristico, a supporto del locale candidato sindaco, M.P.
Tra varie amenità (del discorso delle primarie per legge ne abbiamo già discusso, e comunque ne parla Bordone sul suo blog , cui rimando), the Acrobat Cadente has ringed this series of propositions at the candidate:
is right to experience the logic of alternation (1) in this town 'with a candidate as MP who was born in society' civil (2) and and that 'was chosen with the primary tool (3). I take the commitment to return (4) early (5) to give support to Lancaster (5) to P. and the coalition in the forthcoming election campaign, I believe (6) there are conditions to do well (7), I am confident (8)

(1-8) in brackets, the number of times in which MP was forced to rub the family jewels, hidden, there beside Walter.
The fact that before the speech of Veltroni, to relax the atmosphere, the note was sung tarantella "Auschwitz" is totally irrelevant. If you do not believe beccatevi also the video.


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